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Alt-Hip-Pop artist, TeawhYB (T-Y-B), represents a brand of authenticity and ultimate connectivity, providing heartfelt commentary centered on self-actualization, celebration, and sorrow over guitars, synths, and drum kits. 


Originating from Green Bay, WI and formerly noted for his college-life, party-induced sound, TeawhYB took a hiatus from a budding music career while coming to terms with his personal identity. He has since redirected his auditory creativity, mending his past, present, and future. 


“Being aware of your identity is much different than accepting it. In high school I was a freestyle rapper-jock and was outted. At the time I didn't identify with what I perceived to be gay culture so part of my mission is to show being queer doesn't have to be stereotypical, it just has to be unequivocally you. Once I was finally comfortable in my own skin everything started clicking musically. I was never in choir or band class, so the only thing I know about music is what I feel.”



  • Performed alongside Lil Yachty, Drax Project, In Real Life, The Gin Blossoms, Do or Die, Bezz Believe, and many, many more.